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Will I have to share my story?

Every adoptee is welcome to join us. We were all new once too! You can just hang out and listen if you want, introduce yourself, or jump right in and talk about what's going on in your life. Up to you!

I'm a birthparent or adoptive parent, can I attend the meeting?

No, we're sorry, only adoptees are welcome. We find that there's a special feeling of mutual recognition that comes from being amongst fellow adoptees that are facing their addictions. We highly recommend finding a local CUB - Concerned United Birthparents - meeting if you need support. All members of the triad are welcome there.

What addictions are a part of your meeting?

It depends on the meeting, but we've had adoptees with addictions to (big breath) alcohol, sex & love, drugs, gambling, shopping, eating issues, Al-Anon, Co-Dependance, and many others. Ultimately, we're all filling the same hole, we just reach for different things to do it.

I'm a ________ kind of adoptee, is it cool if I attend?

No two adoptee stories are exactly the same, but there are a lot of different labels. You can be from an open adoption, a closed adoption, a LDA (Late Discovery Adoptee), transracial adoptee, and there are many others. Just be an adoptee of any kind, and you'll be welcome!

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